This page is the home for all other vidyagame-related articles that aren't reviews.
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The PlayStation Classic: Is This Thing Even Worth It?

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The Naoto Shibata Project: Requiem for the Forgotten Riffs


Emulating Android games on a PC
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Most of these were written in the early 2000s, with some getting revision/updates in the past few years. I usually don't write these anymore (unless someone wants to pay me to do it.)

Shenmue 3 FAQ (PC / PS4)
Movie Reviews
Maybe twice a year or so I'll review a video game movie adaptation. I've been posting them over on my blog because it's woefully underutilized, but I'll probably host them here if I do any more.
No ratings because they're all terrible.
Overview/reviews of books related to games, development or the game industry somehow. Another thing I started over on my blog and then totally abandoned after one installment. I would actually like to get back to this but as I do research and write all day for a living I'm rarely in the mood for reading anymore.
A Visit To Musee Mechanique - This is a place on the San Francisco waterfront that is a lot like the penny arcade that Disney World used to have. Heaps of stuff going back to the late 1800s and most of it is regularly serviced and fully playable at original prices. Also classic arcade games like Star Wars in the back.  It's supported by the family of a wealthy collector/hobbyist and I'm guessing not run for profit so enjoy it while it still exists.
Extreme Robot Fighting Challenge - Kind of a dumb post from the 2007 Dark Ages but I put it here to remind myself to watch more of these when I have time.