A Word From The Proprietor:
Hullo, my name's C. M0use and I'm responsible for about 95% of the content here. I've been on the internets with this handle since 1996, and have been involved with a few different gaming sites that all had at least some emphasis on reviews. None ever got much of a following and all are long dead now.

From mid-2005 to early 2007 I was out of gaming entirely. Seriously, I played nothing at all during that time. It was some talking-to-a-volleyball desert island shit.

You usually can't fight fate for very long, though, and as I was getting back on the wagon (off the wagon?) in 2007, it just so happened that all sorts of these digital download services offering "retro" and "classic" titles were either being created or rising to prominence -- Steam, the Wii Virtual Console, XBLA, PSN, etc. and so on. Since quality reviews of games that are older than seven or so years can often be tough to find, I decided I might as well do something productive with this time-wasting hobby and get back in the review game. Enter Plato's Cavern in May of 2007. I started out with the intention of focusing on the Wii VC and XBLA new releases primarily, but it's kind of spiraled out of control over the last few years to just whatever I feel like playing at the moment.

A Note About Review Scores:

Games are reviewed/scored based on how worthwhile they are, in terms of spending time and money on them, to a general audience at the time the review was written and with an eye toward how well the game will continue to hold up in the future.

Criteria that do not factor into review scores:

* Your personal childhood nostalgia. This site is not for taking you back to your more innocent and carefree days on waves of rose-tinted memory bliss. Think of it more like Consumer Reports. This isn't "YAY GAMES ARE FUN CAVERN" where we give a minimum of 4/5 to everything, because SOMEONE out there is a fan (no matter how objectively wretched the game is) and we don't want anyone butthurt. The reviews are pitched toward people who have no to very little experience with the game in question, who are trying to assess whether it is worth their time and money.

* Niche/cult appeal. Our reviews aren't pitched to "casuals", but they do keep in mind a general audience. A game that is directed specifically to a very niche/cult/"hardcore" fanbase - at the exclusion of all other people - is not going to score very well. This isn't Sh'mups Cavern or Moe Moe! Exciting Kiddie Fiddling Challenge Cavern.

* Validating the personal tastes of people who have already played the game thoroughly.

Alright, with all that out of the way, I actually do hope you find the joint useful and enjoy your time here.

Note on News Page Images
From time to time, News page updates are accompanied by meme images from around the Web or excerpts from old official promotional materials. To the best of my knowledge, these images do not require attribution, and in most cases it would be impossible to track down the original source. If you see an image posted that belongs to you and that you are asserting intellectual property rights over, please contact me with a link or documentation making clear your legal ownership of that image. I will be happy to attribute it or remove it according to your preference.

-- Cantankerous M0use (cm0use@gmx.com)