The End of Time

Unfortunately, we've come to the end of the trail sooner than expected. Plato's Cavern will be shutting down.

Temporarily. Kinda. Maybe. This requires a little explanation.

I had no plans to shut the site down, but at the beginning of February I was surprised by an email from the owner of our host Talkspot who has decided he just wants to grill for God's sake and is shuttering the company. Unless a surprise (very unlikely) buyer for Talkspot emerges, we have until the end of March to back up, pack up and get out.

I can afford to move the site somewhere else, but time has always been a problem. The fact that Talkspot uses its own funky proprietary content delivery system complicates that. I have all of the site content backed up locally, but re-uploading it all somewhere and reformatting is going to be a significant time commitment. This is a back-burner project, I actually run a small business unrelated to gaming so that kind of time tends to be hard to come by for me.

So, one way or another, there will necessarily be some downtime. I'm not abandoning the effort, but truth be told I've been thinking about a major restructuring of all this for the last couple of years now.

What I'm picturing right now is as a hub that brings together a number of more micro-focused individual sites (say, an SNES site, or an "adult games" site) that I can break all this existing content out into. Though I love the "potluck" style the site has always had and the concept of browsing and exploring to run into unexpected new things, it's clear the peak attention market for this sort of thing was back in the late 90s / 2000s and it's been steadily drifting in the other direction since. I blame blaughs and the socials. And, of course, Obama. Whatever it was, I don't think today's market really "gets" this type of site anymore; Google certainly doesn't.

Anyway, another possibility this restructuring would raise is bringing in other contributors (when I can afford to pay people) to add more voices and content to my own sites, plus maybe folding other people's work into the hub to raise visibility if they're interested. Some of the best stuff out there doesn't have a marketing budget to compete in Google search results and with paid social media ads and trends, and that's the kind of thing I'd like to be a central marketplace for. So it would still have the element of exploration and surprise that I love, but with things more clearly partitioned by individual interests so people can go ahead and sperg out on whatever particular niche they're really into without having to navigate around all sorts of other stuff.

Whatever the case, I own and control the domain, so something will be back at this address at some point in 2020. I'm very much open to suggestions; how would you like to see things arranged? If you're interested in usage rights to any content here, I'm also open to offers; reach out to me at, I'm a content marketer by trade so I know how to handle all the licensing and contract stuff.

I don't want to do a whole goodbye thing because this is coming back sometime relatively soon, albeit maybe in a radically new form; but I do want to say thanks to the people who have been reading over the years who I've been in touch with via email, at least a couple of whom go back to the misty pre-2007 times of legend and sites the names of which have long since been forgotten by mortal man. Even if you lazy bastards never did shit to help my social media metrics :P. Speaking of which, I'll still be on the Twooper posting random vidya music I enjoy and unsolicited sociopolitical hawttakes that you can never quite pigeonhole.

See ya when I see ya.

01 / 31 / 2020

"Yeyeye catfight!" - Cosmo Kramer. Don't expect the animu ladies to make out with these titles, though, it's all about very serious sporting competition. Fighting Angels (PS2, 2/5) is from our old friends D3 Publisher and their "budget" line of salacious games that only came out in Europe and Japan. Seifuku Densetsu: Pretty Fighter (SNES, 1/5) sees anime girl stereotypes from the 1980s and early '90s go at it in clunky one-on-one fighting style.

01 / 26 / 2020

It's rough out there these days, even Lu Bu needs a side hustle. We'll charge headlong into the enemy camp today with Dynasty Warriors 3 (PS2, 3/5) and the SRPG-ish spinoff Dynasty Tactics (PS2, 2/5).

01 / 20 / 2020

An animu kid with an orange bandana / backwards cap thing emerges, makes a submissive harem out of a bunch of monsters and saves the world. It's a tale as old as time.

Two versions of this popular folk legend today with Dragon Quest VIII (PS2, 3/5), our first semi-positive review of 2020, and Monster Rancher 2 (PS1, 2/5).

01 / 14 / 2020

We have just received word that MONSTER IS ATTACKING TOKYO. We'll have to fight off the mutated rage of Demolition Girl (PS2, 1/5), possibly the only "giant woman in bikini" game ever made, and King of the Monsters 2 (Arcade, 2/5), SNK's follow-up to the neat-looking but very cheap and clunky kaiju brawler.

01 / 10 / 2020

We're getting off to a hot start in this newest of years by giving negative reviews to two cult favorites - Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter (PS2, 2/5), which was essentially the final entry for the series and took it in a real weird and dark direction, and Vandal Hearts (PS1, 2/5), Konami's awkward attempt to horn in on strategy-RPGs that has a surprisingly based story but also just godawful map design. Obviously my new years resolution was to get more fun fan mail and DMs!

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